PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS is a new trend in the construction industry. We hardly ever even notice concrete oil stains throughout our communities because they are so commonplace. They are present on driveways at home. We have them on parking lots at work, where we shop and places of business. Schools, churches, hospitals and on and on the list goes of places saturated with concrete oil stains. As a result, we do not see them anymore.

CLEAN AND GREEN SOLUTIONS is proud to provide a new a new service. We now offer PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS service for residential and commercial properties. We use a stain blocking invisible sealer that blocks oil, water, and other organic stains. This water based sealer is non-film forming with a transparent finish. This durable and long lasting protection is ideal for driveways, parking areas, industrial flooring, and restaurants. It contains no silicone or wax elements. In addition, our sealer is highly effective for both new and old surfaces. It will work well on pavers, masonry, stone, grout, unglazed tile, and terra cotta.


Imagine newly constructed homes and businesses that are protected against oil stains for 6-10 years. For existing homes and businesses, we would provide concrete cleaning before applying the sealer that protects against stains. We are excited about this new service and welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally if you have questions.

Call 281-883-8470 to receive a free estimate for PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS. Clean and Green Solutions is certified with the UAMCC.


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