Training Maintenance Staff to Pressure Wash


Have you considered training maintenance staff to pressure wash more effectively and more efficiently?  We have discovered that many organizations are using maintenance staff to pressure wash buildings.  This includes restaurants, apartments and condominium facilities, hospitals and medical office buildings, schools, and the list goes on.  In fact, we expect maintenance staff to have extensive knowledge in a wide variety of areas.  HVAC, electrical, drywall and painting repairs, landscaping and yard care, plumbing, security system, and so much more.  We certainly understand organizations utilizing their maintenance staff in this way and stand ready to assist!



Pressure Cleaning School would welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization to provide exceptional pressure wash training.  Thus, there are several ways your organization could take advantage of this unique continuing education opportunity.   We demonstrate the use of equipment, share unique cleaning strategies and techniques, and cover mix ratios and cleaning agents.  There are videos that address specific stains and the requirements to remove it, oxidation, and how to clean different surfaces.

Another way your organization could benefit is from sending maintenance staff to training events.  We provide monthly two day training events that are held in different locations throughout Houston.  These events also provide students with a combination of classroom learning and practical, hands on instruction with equipment and cleaning agents.

In addition to events, we would be glad to bring the school to your location.  This would allow the training to be strategically customized for your staff and based on your facilities.  Take a look at one of our recent training events!


We have taken this school all over the country and have provided training in areas that include Orlando, San Diego, New Jersey, Phoenix and many other U.S. cities!  Call or text 281-883-3630.  Once your maintenance staff joins this school, they have continual access to training instructor Doug Rucker for any questions or concerns they may have.

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