Pressure washing funeral homes is one of the unique projects Clean and Green Solutions enjoys. Having grown up in the church and presently leading in ministry, we understand the needs of funeral homes. Funeral Home Directors are great to work with, and staff is always helpful and highly professional. When pressure washing funeral homes, we provide for the following important factors, helping us to stand out!


Schedule planning with funeral homes must remain flexible. Whenever a death occurs, the family meets with the Director to make arrangements for the service. There will be last minute cancelations and changes because these are important events.  A cleaning crew must not be present during funeral services. Funeral Home Directors have our utmost respect in the work they perform with grieving families. It is never a problem to reschedule an exterior cleaning project so that families suffering loss are the highest priority. In fact, it may require rescheduling multiple times before it can be completed. This is completely appropriate when cleaning funeral homes and cemeteries.


A complete and thorough inspection must be performed before exterior cleaning begins. Particularly when it comes to a mausoleum, it is imperative that water does not leak where it does not belong. Soft washing grave markers, retaining walls, statues, bridges and other decorative pieces requires extraordinary caution when assessing their condition. An in depth inspection must determine the method, approach, and cleaning solutions used for these very special properties.


Many of the surfaces on funeral home and cemetery properties are unique. Marble, sandstone, limestone, granite and many other surfaces are not typical on other properties. These unique surfaces require an extra level of expertise and might be in need of repair before cleaning. Years of neglect sometimes result in hairline fractures and heavy biological growth. All of these important factors must be taken into consideration before power washing can be properly and safely completed. We are ready for these unique surfaces when pressure washing funeral homes and cemeteries.


When pressure washing funeral homes, it is a given that there will not be a service when scheduled to clean. However, families may still be on property visiting a gravesite. For this reason, there are several things we keep in mind. First, we make sure our appearance is professional and respectful. While we can’t wear a suit when cleaning, we are mindful that our appearance must be appropriate for the grounds. Secondly, we keep noise to an absolute minimum. Thirdly, we would make sure the needs of visiting families come first. We consider this a part of the exceptional customer service experience we strive to provide. Finally, we are very mindful to keep our vehicles only on portions of the property where appropriate.

Pressure Washing Funeral Homes is always a personally fulfilling and rewarding opportunity for our company. It is not something we take lightly because of the extraordinary work they accomplish. Call or text 281-326-9828 for a free estimate for pressure washing funeral homes.


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