Parking Lot Striping Service

Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping is one of the many services we offer to help keep commercial properties looking great! A typical parking lot line is 4 inches wide and 15 to 18 inches long. Our paint type options include oil based and latex. We always make sure we apply two coats.  This ensures appropriate thickness (15 mils) that also maximizes longevity. Whether your lot involves straight in parking, angled parking or parallel parking, we can get the job done! We are always fully aware of city zoning requirements for the three different sizes of parking spots. Standard, handicap, and compact each have various dimensions and measurements. The aisle way in between parking stalls falls in the 22-24 foot range.


For newly constructed properties, we provide NEW LAYOUT parking lot striping. This is an exciting occasion for new businesses, retail centers, apartment and condominium complexes, medial offices, and industrial centers. We have the professional grade equipment, experience, and trained staff ready to deliver stellar precision results as you prepare for opening!


For existing properties, we provide RESTRIPE parking lot striping. This is our most common parking lot striping service and combines well with power cleaning service. This \”one two punch\”, pressure washing following by fresh paint striping, leaves an existing property looking so much better, brand new, in fact! Customers, clients, patients, and the general public notice the incredible visual difference.  They are magnetically drawn into the property because of the message of excellence this conveys.


For newly resurfaced properties, we provide RESURFACED RESTRIPE. In this scenario, though the building is not new, the asphalt or concrete is. There is no visual layout of the lot once resurfacing occurs, so we follow the same process as new layout striping. Plans and drawings are required for resurfaced restripe.

In addition, we are highly familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The code written for handicap parking areas is very specific and we take great care and concern to follow all regulations.  In addition to standard colors such as white and yellow, we are well equipped for all unique colors. Designated areas might require red, blue, black or orange.  We can provide any color your need!

For a free estimate on your commercial property parking lot striping project, call or text 281-883-8470.



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