Easter Sunday Church Cleaning


At Clean and Green Solutions, we understand the importance of Easter Sunday Church Cleaning .  More guests will be visiting your church that Sunday than any other Sunday out of the year. It\’s a high and holy celebration of the most important day in the Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And it\’s a fantastic day for busy families to set aside time for worship. Enjoying a family meal, and of course, watching the children open their Easter baskets. We look forward to Easter Sunday for all the same reasons.  In fact, in addition to Easter Sunday, churches will also be observing Maundy Thursday or Good Friday services as well. Many churches also present special choir musicals and dramas in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. That\’s why Clean and Green Solutions is making Easter Sunday Church Cleaning a high priority on our schedule.


Soft Wash Exterior Building Cleaning

Making sure the church campus is clean is a critical step that many churches take in preparing for Easter Sunday. Churches put extra attention and focus on making sure the inside is spic n span clean! Work days are held to clean out flower beds and throw down some fresh mulch. And, churches focus on whether the exterior of the building is presentable, clean, and not heavily stained.  If the outside of the church building is covered with heavy dark stains, algae, moss and lichen, dirt daubers, rust stains, and the like, it conveys a visual impression that churches are certainly not intending to communicate.

Pressure Washing Company You Can Trust

At Clean and Green Solutions, ministry is in our DNA. The owner is active as a men\’s ministry leader in his church and married to the Children\’s Ministry Director. His father and brother are also Pastors and remain very active in church life. We know it can be difficult to find a pressure washing company that you can trust, one that will not take advantage of church resources, and one that will stand behind their word and deliver on what they promise. This is why we are encouraging churches to reach out and allow Clean and Green Solutions to provide a proposal for exterior cleaning as part of preparation for Easter Sunday.


Our estimator, Josh Harris, will work with you on the proposal based on what you need. In some cases, it could mean a complete wash of the entire campus – roof, walls, sidewalks, driveways, signs, playgrounds, prayer gardens, the whole nine yards! In other cases, we would simply focus in on particular areas that are most heavily stained and in need of cleaning. Call or text 281-326-9828 today to schedule an estimate so we can get your campus looking its best BEFORE EASTER SUNDAY! You can also visit our FREE ESTIMATE form.

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